Jdryer News


January 2018


The Jdryer enjoyed a very succesful Debut at the 'Top Drawer' Trade Show, Olympia, London. It was short listed for the Spotted Award for best new product, voted for by judges from Top Drawer, Heals, Harrods and the

V & A.


21st January 2018


A very nice mention in The Sunday Times today in the Home section by Katrina Burroughs, who visited our stand at Top Drawer.




Jdryers are now being stocked at :


Long Barn, Alresford, Hampshire.  

The Foundry, Kingsworthy, Winchester. Hampshire.

Doddington Hall and Gardens, Lincolnshire  

Bayliss and Booth, Newport, The Isle of Wight




March 2018

 The Sunday Times - Home - March 25th


'HOW TO DRY YOUR LAUNDRY' by Katrina Burroughs


If you live in a compact home without a dedicated laundry roon, drying wet clothes can be a bothersome task, dogged by condensation and space-hogging clothes horses. Lately though, designers of both white goods and clothes airers have improved the old tech and perfected the traditional designs. Choose the right kit and drying will be a doddle.


The Jdryer, a collapsible wall-mounted clothes airer with six aluminium arms, will fit in the tiniest corner of your kitchen or bathroom.



13th August 2018


A message from Juliet  

"I would like to thank all my Jdryer customers for their patience and understanding over the last few months. As some of you know, I had initial delays with manufacturing which have now been sorted out but having lost my father to Cancer last July, my mother was diagnosed with it at the start of May and died less than ten weeks later. So as you can imagine it has been a very difficult time. But I now have stock and will be picking things up again as of this week and please don't hesitate to email me if you have any queries. And yet again, thank you so much for your patience."