The Jdryer is a new, simple, stylish and space-saving clothes drying rack.


Over 3 metres of drying space    Eco friendly    Hand-made in England




                                                                                                                                                                              Colours -  Classic White,  Duck Egg Blue, Cotswold Green, Goose Grey  - £ 54


For inside and outside use



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The Jdryer is the perfect solution for drying laundry in small living spaces and in homes with limited storage space or can be used simply as an additional drying rack or as a substitute for a washing line. It is made of aluminium, is long-lasting, strong and can be used inside and outside. It is perfect for kitchens (and perfect for hanging next to or above an Aga), bathrooms, utility rooms, conservatories, balconies, patios, poolsides, changing rooms and the advantage is, after use, you don't have to store it away. Simply put the rods down and leave it hanging on the wall ... as it looks very stylish too.

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Jdryer in New Zealand

 The Jdryer is a Registered Design and Registered Trademark


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 "I have two and they are brilliant" Jo, London, UK


"I used to hang clothes on a drying rack in the spare bedroom. It was ugly and a pain to continuously put up and dismantle. I so like the simplicity and ease of the Jdryer , I have not one but two - one inside and one outside." Owen, Auckland, New Zealand.


"The Jdryer arrived in time and my parents love it ! I was very impressed by the quality."  Claire, Kent , UK


" I am delighted with my Jdryer. It's perfect for drying items like jumpers which I can't peg on my washing line otherwise they would stretch. And really useful for the overflow from my washing line - there are always some items I can't fit on. It looks great when not in use and it is so convenient to have a dryer there on the wall that you can use straight away instead of having to dig a rack out of the cupboard and put it up. " Juliet, London











                        NEW - introducing the Hen, Scottie Dog and Sailing Boat Jdryer !

     All designed by Juliet.

The Hen and Scottie come in White and the Sailing Boats come in White and Duck Egg Blue.                                                      Price - £56  ( details on shop page to follow soon)

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